I am torn between 2 phones – HELP!

by Matt on March 19, 2009

Alright, I have been putting off getting a new phone for a long time.  My coworkers are annoyed by me.  I am somewhat annoyed by me. A short synopsis may aid in your understanding:

My “new” phone was slated to be the HTC Touch when it came out.  It took forever to come out.  When it did, we were a little tight financially to pursue changing phone companies and taking on a  potential $500 investment in new phones.  I hymned an hawed and weeks turned into days, days turned into week,… you get the idea. I did decide that I wanted the slide-out keyboard on the Touch Pro though.

So some time passes – then I see the Palm Pre announcement at CES and I was just beside myself. WOW! What a wrench!  The Palm Pre became the wrench that busted my new phone cog!  Now I want a Palm Pre. It won’t be out until the mystical 2nd quarter of 2009.

So, some more time passes – Then I see HTC is launching a Touch Pro2. WOW!  They fixed or improved everything that I read that was stinking about the first revision of the Touch Pro. Bigger screen, better keyboard, and just overall betterness.


HTC Touch Pro2

The Palm Pre

The Palm Pre

I guess I am looking for some feedback and suggestions.  My thoughts are:

  1. The Palm Pre is awesome for a 1st gen phone.  Could be buggy. Why not let other people complain about it until the second revision comes out(whenever that may be)? Lack of apps although it may take off like the iPhone did with developers.
  2. The Touch Pro2 is a 2nd gen phone which makes the phone better than the original Pro I wanted. But, it is not as “New” cool as the Pre. It also has Windows Mobile which has tons of app support.

So hit me up with some comments or suggestion.  It may help get my coworkers off my back about my current Phone(Which, by the way – Has survived multiple 2-story durability drops):

Nokia 6236i

Nokia 6236i

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