I want a small HD video camera

by Matt on November 25, 2008

sanyo-xacti-hd1010So I have been looking for a small HD video camera for quite some time now.  I have asked some friends who are big into photography and videography.  I have liked some of their answers and suggestions, but some have been expensive.

I really want the camera to be small so it is easy to carry and have with me.  You never know when you may need to whip out a video camera and snatch something funny or absurd.

I have found this Sanyo Xacti HD1010 which fits almost all of my needs.  There is a video on Sanyo’s website which show a chick dancing with the camera in her back pocket.  I do agree that this is utterly stupid of her to put it in her back pocket though.  Still, it is small.

This puppy uses SDHC flash cards as well.  I like this since there is no moving hard drive in it.  The lack of space on a flash card can turn me off a bit as well.  Sanyo claims that 1 hour of video can be captured on 1gig of memory.  I guess it supports 32gig cards also. That seems pretty good to me.  I have read some reviews of it and it seems to be the cats meow.

I do realize that I have been saying some stupid phrases and sentences in this post.  I am just feeling ridiculous I guess.

So what do you think?  Should I get one of these?  Does it look like it would be a good small, HD video camera?

I want one!

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