One of my favorite “System Administrator Toolbox” tools – RoyalTS

by Matt on April 9, 2010

There is one tool that I have come to love. It is a necessity if you manage more than one server in my opinion. I used to open multiple RDP windows to each server which can be effective but it is highly inefficient. The tool I love is Royal TS.

Royal TS enables you to:

  • Organize your servers in descriptive folders for a one-stop location to connect to each system
  • It allows you to see session information if there are multiple users accessing a server
  • You can pre-populate your domain and username on each connection and then you only need to input your password once you connect
  • Also allows you to store your password in an encrypted state(I don’t like this option).
  • and many others

I do not think I could work without this great tool from here on out. You should check it out ASAP and report back in the comments.

Do you have any other tools for remote desktop server management? Share them in the comments!!

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