One of the BEST features in Windows 7 that will redefine Help Desk Operations

by Matt on January 15, 2009

Microsoft's Problem Steps RecorderMicrosoft has really stepped up to the plate.  They have created(or stolen) a program that can record problems that can then be submitted to your help desk or computer expert.  The tool is called the “Problem Steps Recorder.”  It is awesome!

You can run it and it will record each step you take to repeat an issue for your tech support staff. It does this by taking screen shots and highlighting the mouse clicks.  you can even pause and comment on a certain area.  The best part come next.

The program outputs a zip file with a MHTML file. This file is formated to show the screens and the steps taken.

Here is the file

It is awesome!  I could of used this in my prevoius jobs.  My hat goes off to the big Microsoft.  This feature will make lifeeasier for anybody that has to support or help end users.

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