Am I sick? I kinda want to get an iPad for some reason

April 3, 2010

Tweet I am by no means a Apple fan boy. I don’t own a iPhone. I own a Droid. I could possibly be considered a android fan boy in a tiny way. I would own a iPhone if it was on a better cell provider (read: AT&T stinks).  So, I have this weird urge to […]

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Small Businesses Need to Embrace the Internet

February 19, 2010

Tweet I was reading an article in Inc. Magazine today about IT was a great look into how the Internet is changing the way companies are doing business and interacting with customers.  I was surprised to read about businesses that hate Yelp for various reason and one being that they are getting bad reviews. […]

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Thoughts On My Droid

February 9, 2010

Tweet I have waited too long to post my thoughts on my Droid.  I bought it back in November of 2009 while in Chicago for work.  It is my first real smartphone(well, with a data plan).  I know what you are thinking.  A Tech guy getting his first smartphone in 2009?  I have been too cheap to pay for […]

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WordPress Image Upload Problem using IIS on Windows Server 2008

September 24, 2009

Tweet We had some issues at work with uploading images to our WordPress blog. It was super annoying. We kept getting the following error when trying to upload an image using the Upload/Insert function in WordPress: “The uploaded file could not be moved to C:\inetpub\www\website\wp-content\uploads” It was difficult to find a solution because there is a large majority of WordPress users […]

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Audacity Installs Fine on Vista but the Language is wrong

September 5, 2009

Tweet I was trying to install the latest audacity beta version 1.3.9. It installed just fine with no errors. I could even select English during the install.  I would run the exe and it comes up in a whacked language that I can’t read and didn’t even select. Well, it turns out that audacity has […]

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Test post from the WordPress Beta Blackberry App

July 7, 2009

Tweet This is finally out! The iphone has had an incredible wordpress app for quite sometime now. I am loving this app for the blackberry. The picture is of my D90 while laying on the livingroom floor. My laptop is not even on! Way to go WordPress!!!

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