Somebody Tell Me Why The iPhone’s Are So Cool?

by Matt on July 12, 2008

What is the deal with the iPhone craze?  Are they really that cool?  I have seen the old versions, but do not understand why people think they are so cool.  I have been within 3 feet of the new version of the iphone…looks cool.

The thing that does drive me nuts is the fact that you have to go to AT&T to get one.  I dropped AT&T along time ago for reasons that I do not wish to bring back up.  I may freak out and cry myself to sleep in a cold sweat.  I am with Verizon currently and I am extremely happy with them.  I wonder how many more iPhones would sell if people could use more carriers?  I bet a ton.

Maybe I do not like them because I have never used one or been real big into Apples.  Maybe it is because people are so love struck by Apple and are obsessive. Maybe if I had one, I would be crazy gaga for it and this post would never happen.

Please comment and tell me 3 reasons why you like the iPhone or specifically, why you like yours if you have one.  Please tell my why you don’t like them if you don’t. Maybe I would cross over to the Fruit side and get one…who knows.  I would for sure (maybe…) if Apple let Verizon sell them.

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