Where is Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 2007?

by Matt on February 28, 2009

symantecWe were working on our Exchange 2007 project at work and it was time to reinstall Symantec Mail Security on the new server.

We couldn’t find it anywhere on Symantec’s licensing portal.  What a pain.  First of all, their website stinks big time. But anyways…

So I was searching on Google for the download or name of the product.  It was a pain.  I finally found it in some forum.  Symantec Mail Security is now called “Symantec Information Foundation Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange.”  Nice and long…and hard to find when you are just looking for Symantec Mail Security.  When you Google “Symantec Mail Security” this comes up as the first result. Nice…

I didn’t see anything that mentioned “Symantec Information Foundation…” anywhere on the site.  What a pain.  It bugs me when companies change the name of something and then it does not get mentioned on their site.  The file name in the licensing portal was something like “information_foundation…etc.”

I am glad that we found the right name and file.

Nice one Symantec…

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