Windows 7 Beta is Sweet!

by Matt on January 9, 2009

image I am totally digging the new Windows 7 Beta.  The window shake function is cool.  I also like the new task bar and how it works.  Paint now has a ribbon interface as well as WordPad.  Microsoft has really put a lot of thought into this OS version.  The only issue I am having is with my video and how it refreshes.  I think it is my driver but I am still trying to narrow it down.  Any mouse movement that does something graphical freezes the screen.  It is annoying but I am working through it.  I may need to see if I can get a different driver to work.

I highly recommend getting the beta and trying it out if you have any desire for new technology.  I wanted to include some screen shots but they turn out bad due to the screen lockup issue.

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